Details of Training Programme

Online Training programme on Design and Analysis of Agricultural Experiments on 30,31 July, 2024 is for Researchers, Students and faculty in Agriculture. Anyone can join

Organised by 

Department of Agricultural Statistics

College of Agriculture, Vellayani

Kerala Agricultural University

Lecture Schedule (July 30 to July 31, 2024)

Complete payment of registration fee Rs 1000/- before proceeding for online registration. 

Instruction for Online payment

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 Bank account details

Name: Dean College of Agriculture Vellayani 

A/c number - 41795300810

State Bank of India

Branch: Vellayani



Contact info:

Dr. Adarsh VS(Assistant Professor: +919496390179

Mohammed Hisham (Technical Assistant: +919947599837

Department of Agricultural Statistics, Vellayani : 0471 2994424



Dr. Eldho Varghese is a Senior Scientist at Fishery Resources Assessment, Economics and Extension Division, CMFRI, Kochi. He has worked in both basic and applied areas of statistics, especially in Design of Experiments, Statistical/ Ecosystem Modelling and Statistical/ computational tools for data analysis. Developed web solutions/online software/R packages/macros for generation of statistical designs and analytical methodologies. Published around 200 research papers, two books (one published by ICAR), 7 edited books, 33 book chapters, 27 reference manuals/technical bulletins and several popular articles. He is also an elected member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), The Netherlands. 

Dr. Arpan Bhowmik is a Senior Scientist at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Gogamukh, Dhemaji, Assam. He has worked in diverse areas of Experimental Designs, Informatics, Statistical Genomics, Machine learning approaches etc. Involved in development of a number of software / Information Systems for various AICRP's/Databases/Mobile app/SAS macros/R-packages which are making significant contribution in the area of Digital Agriculture. Published more than 140 research papers,1book,8 book chapters, 1 paper in conference proceeding, 16 E-article/popular articles, 18 reference manuals, 2 Teaching manual, 11 E-manual/E-books, 5 project reports. He developed statistical designs and analytical methodologies for experiments involving indirect effects, cost efficient designs for experiments involving hard-to-change factors, efficient designs for process-product optimization, statistical designs for correlated observations, designs for breeding trials , generalized row-column designs etc.

J. Aravind is a Scientist working in the National Genebank of India located at ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi as the curator foroilseedcropsintheNationalGenebank.Hehasdonehisdoctoralprogramme from IPK, Gatersleben, Germany awaiting results. His research focus is on investigations into accession redundancy, seed germination and longevity, statistical techniques to aid seed genebank management. He also works on exploring crop diversity to leverage it to understand the genetic basis of key traitsHeisalsotheauthorofseveral‘R’packagestofacilitatethesamesuchas ‘PGRdup’, ‘augmentedRCBD’, ‘EvaluateCore’, ‘germinationmetrics’, ‘viabilitymetrics’, ‘ammistability’ etc. 

Dr. Mohammad Harun is working as Scientist at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute for more than 8 years. His major expertise is in Design of Experiments. His area of research includes Block Designs, Row- Column Designs, Mating Designs, Screening Designs etc. He has published more than 40 research papers; several popular articles, R-Packages, SAS macros. He is the recipient of G R Seth Memorial young scientist award,Dr R.K.Arora Best Paper Award,Nehru Memorial Gold Medal. He has organized many training programmes, workshop, etc. 

Dr. Pratheesh P. Gopinath, currently serving as the Head of the Department of Agricultural Statistics, Kerala Agricultural University has over a decade of expertise in mastering R programming and data analysis. He has authored two influential R-packages, grapesAgri1 and grapesDraw, tailored to enhance data analysis and visualization capabilities in agricultural research. With a passion for innovation, he excels as an R shiny programmer, having developed over ten R shiny-based research tools, geared towards empowering fellow researchers and students. Previously, he held the position of Assistant Professor of Statistics at Nehru Arts and Science College. His works were mainly focused on popularizing statistical education among agricultural researchers. Notably, Dr. Gopinath is the visionary behind GRAPES (General R-based Analysis Platform Empowered by Statistics),  serving a user base of nearly one lakh. With over 50 research publications to his credit and a track record of being in advisory committee for guiding more than 100 PhD and postgraduate students. Currently, he is leveraging computer vision techniques for fruit grading, disease identification, and employing AI in disseminating agricultural information effectively. He is also the mentor of the startup STATOBERRY LLP, which provides a statistical analysis platform for researchers.

The training is a part of Revolving Fund Scheme of Department of Agricultural Statistics, Vellayani