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  • Top Cross Analysis

What is Top cross?

Davis (1927) was the first to suggest the usage of Top cross or inbred-variety cross as a method of evaluating inbred lines. A series of inbred lines to be studied for their genetic constitution are crossed with a variety (preferably open-pollinated with broad genetic base). Only general combining ability (gca) can be estimated from this mating design.


Davis, R.W. 1927. Report of the plant breeder. Report of the Puerto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station . 14-50

Nadarajan, N., Manivannan, N., Gunasekaran, M., 2016. Quantitative Genetics and Biometrical Techniques in Plant Breeding. 128-131

Prepare excel file by reading instruction below and then proceed to analysis

In this web application, you only just need to upload the Excel file in CSV format. To Prepare excel file follow the instructions below

  • Open a new blank excel file

  • Design should be RBD

  • Copy and paste observations into a new sheet (use only one sheet) of a new excel file

  • Minimum three columns are required Cross, Replication and Response.

  • Blank cells within columns should be denoted as 'NA'

  • You can also add more than one response as columns

  • Each cross can be labelled as C1, C2... or L1T1, L2T1 etc

  • No space is allowed in the treatment name. If space is required use underscore ‘_’ or ‘.’ full stop; for example ‘Treatment name’ should be written as Treatment_name or Treatment.name

  • Data should be arranged towards upper left corner and row above the data should not be left blank.

  • Don't type and delete anything on other cells without data. If so select those cells, right click and click clear contents

  • Give names to all column, Don't add any unnecessary columns that is not required for analysis

  • Once all these are done, your file is ready. Now you have to save it as CSV file. It is very simple. Follow the instruction below.

How to save an excel file as CSV

  • File --> Save As --> (in the dialogue box appearing), select save as type: csv (comma delimited)

  • Now save your file in any name

  • After file preparation click on the analysis button above

  • Upload this file in to the application for analysis.

Your final file should look like this

How to save your excel file as csv before proceeding for analysis?

click file --> save as