We team GRAPES of Kerala Agricultural University is very much delighted to inform you that we have won the National Research Innovation Challenge 2022 of Kerala Startup Mission. From the awarded research grant we will be launching a new product entirely designed for Plant breeding and Genetics. GRAPES PBGN!!!

Keep aside all those softwares which are giving you a headache, we are here to solve all your research problems with just an upload of a CSV file. You know that’s how simply GRAPES work right!.

So here is the challenge head of us. We need inputs from all plant breeders in India. We need to hear from you all, your needs. From your input we will be designing this magic tool, which will be online 24 X 7.

GRAPES PBGN will be a paid version, as we need to cope up with the server requirements and online resources you burn. But don’t worry we will charge just a small amount to keep this alive. So, we will keep you posted. We are planning to include following analysis for the starter

  • Summary Statistics and Graphs


  • Variance components Analysis

  • Top cross Analysis

  • Line X Tester Analysis

  • Tocher clustering

  • Cluster Analysis

  • Path Analysis

  • Diallel Analysis

  • Stability Analysis

  • and more…….


Your friendly neighbourhood Statistician